[SOLUTION]- Module 2 – CaseEntity-Relationship Model and Database Design

Module 2 – CaseEntity-Relationship Model and Database Design

(E) Tables in an Electronics Store

A fairly large local electronics store contracts with you to develop a database system for them. Your first task is to design a table for the store’s employees.

Even many of the most experienced designers “sketch” a design on paper before they start creating the database in electronic form.

Please “sketch” an employee table (basically what data items or columns should be included in the table) using the template below as a model.

The CEO of the store tells you that the following information must come from the table.

  1. List/display of all employees showing social security number, first and last name, address, city, state and zip code, birth date, full-time or part-time status, salary (hourly rate) and date of hire.
  2. The total number of employees.
  3. List/display of all employees making more than a certain hourly rate, say $20 per hour.
  4. List/display of all employees hired within a time period, say last year.

“Template” for Employee Table

Employee Table

Social Security Number          

The data items that belong in a table are a function of the information that must come out of the table. Therefore, the determining factor is the information requirements that have been given to you.

This is your assignment:

Part I

  1. Enter the names of the attributes in the column headings in row one that you believe should be included in this table. In doing this, you are actually designing the table.
  2. Go to Part II below and continue the assignment.

HINTS for Part I:

  1. Your only concern for the Employee Table is row one.
  2. The first column of the table is the Primary Key (social security number). This has been filled in to give you a start.
  3. Match what’s in your table to the information requirements to make certain all data has been included.
  4. Totals that are derived from the table through computation do not have to be carried in the table.

Part II (Required)

Your work is so good that the electronics store contracts with you to do additional work for them. Your next task is to design two more tables that are related to each other. These tables are the Customer Table and the Sales Order Table.

The Customer Table contains the basic data on each customer, and the primary key is the customer number. There is one row for each customer.

The Sales Order Table contains the data for each sale. The primary key consists of two pieces of data: sales order number and customer number. There can be one or more sales orders for a customer, but only one customer on a sales order.

Use the templates below to design the two tables.

“Templates” for Table Design

Customer Table


Sales Order Table



Entity-Relationship Modeling

  1. Fill in the column headings in row one of each table (Customer, Employee, and Sales Order) with the data items (attributes) you believe belong in the table.
  2. Draw an ER diagram for the three tables: Customer, Employee, and Sales Order.
    Suppose the Sales Order Table also contains information for an employee who makes a sale. If you have an ERD drawing tool such as Visio, you could draw the diagram using the tool and copy it into your document. You could also draw it on paper, scan it, and insert it into your document. If you can’t do either of the above, you could write down the table schemata and describe the relationships among them.
  3. Submit the document. Make certain the table title, course number, and module and Case ID are on the work you submit.
  4. Describe the major points you learned in the readings especially on entity relationship modeling and what lessons you have learned in this exercise. (at least half a page).


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