School Shootings/ Gun Control: Choose a topic in which you you approve or disapprove of some kind of gun control policy specifically targeted to help eliminate school shootings (gun control, along with metal detectors, gun control targeted to mentally unstable families, etc.). Your topic and approach, whichever position you take, should offer solutions on what can be done about keeping students safe from school shootings.

Length: 900-1,500 words. A minimum of 900 words (about 4 typed, double-spaced pages in Times New Roman 12 pt font) is required in order for your essay to be substantial. What is important is that you get your point across.

Organization: Introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Language: Avoid phrases that announce your position (such as “in my opinion” or “I believe”). Also, remember to avoid the second person pronoun “you”; uses of “you” are not standard in academic writing. Finally, avoid “very” and “really” in all of your writing.

·Documentation: five correctly documented quotes or paraphrases from five adequate sources.

·Style: APA style is usually used for the type of research you will be doing. Continue in that style unless otherwise stated by your professor.

·Cross-referencing: You must use in-text citations (also known as in-text references) or signal phrases each time you use the words or ideas of your sources in the essay. Cross-reference your work. This means that for every source cited in the text, you must include an entry in the References page. Conversely, if a source is listed in the References page, the source must be cited in the text of the essay. The handbook is especially necessary for this essay.
· Support: You’ll need a minimum of five sources. Support your ideas with expert opinion, facts, statistics, and other information you find in your research.