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Assessment 2 – Activity 1 – Diversity in the workplace (CHCDIV003)

Case Study:

At the Key 2 Learning Community Hub (K2LCH) all workers and volunteers need to have a good understanding of what diversity is and how to apply it as part of their roles. The diversity policies and procedures are currently under review and need to be updated.   As a supervisor at the hub you have been asked by senior management to review the current diversity practices in collaboration with the team.    Based on your research you need to submit a report which will be used as part of the current review of work practices at the hub.   Melinda who is your direct manager has emailed the relevant criteria which you need to address as part of your research report and must be addressed.   Once the report is reviewed and approved by senior management you will need to meet with your team to foster and promote the diversity goals, objectives and work practices. This will be demonstrated by your personal behaviours and the coaching session you need to deliver to the team.

Activity 1: Report – Diversity in the workplace

To complete the research report into diversity in the workplace you will need to review the diversity policy (provided in Appendix A) which is currently implemented at K2LCH.

You will also need to access and review the key legislations, regulations and standards which should be implemented at the hub to ensure that appropriate diversity and equal opportunity laws are being applied in all dealings with team members, clients and other stakeholders.

Your manager, Melinda has emailed a list of key points which you need to address when completing your report.

For this activity, create a Word document titled, Report – Diversity in the Workplace. The report must be professionally formatted in a style which suitable for this level of assessment. You can refer to the styles and formats within your workplace or review the information available on formatting reports at the following website:

https://www2.microstrategy.com/producthelp/10.6/BasicReporting/WebHelp/Lang_1033/Content/BasicReporting/BRReportFormatting.htm (Links to an external site.)

Your report needs to address each point below in detail:

i) Gather qualitative data through an in-class group activity (g. discussions, interview, observations) and record your findings and information about diverse differences in the group

    ii) Gather quantitative data by conducted a survey or statistics of specific areas of diversity within your group. For example:

Age of people in the group

        iii) provide an overview of the expected standards of diversity and equal opportunity which apply to the community service sector.

   2. i) Review the current diversity policy implemented at K2LCH (Appendix A). Outline how it applies to the specific work contexts of the organisation and discuss the benefits of having a diverse workforce.

       ii) Include an example of a situation in which you have seen how having a diverse workforce has improved productivity

   3. Identify and list three (3) opportunities and three (3) barriers to inclusive engagement by workers and clients.

   4. Explain how you will utilise the (3) opportunities and deal with the (3) identified barriers to ensure that the team at the hub engage in inclusive behaviours.

   5. Provide a list of inclusive behaviours which need to be explained to the team as part of the diversity policy. Outline the importance of these behaviours when promoting diversity in the workplace.

   6. Give two (2) examples detailing how you personally promote and model inclusive behaviours as a supervisor or manager.

   7. List three (3) professional development (PD) opportunities you could undertake to enhance the personal understanding and diversity skills you have and adapt to address the needs of a diverse workplace.

Include a detailed example of how you have adapted the knowledge obtained from (1) PD opportunity in your own role or workplace. 

   8. List four (4) key legislations which impact on how diversity is managed in the workplace and discuss the direct impact of each when promoting and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Assessment 2 – Activity 2 – Develop a diversity strategy (CHCDIV003)

With all research completed and the report on diversity finalised, your manager would like you to develop a new diversity strategy for K2LCH. Once developed, you need to implement the new process at the next team training session.

Within the strategy you will need to include the measures for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of diversity in the strategies and procedures.

You need to create a new Diversity Strategy based on the findings from your research and where possible, integrate information already developed (this could be by utilising information from your work placement or the current diversity policy in Appendix A).

For this activity, create a Word document titled K2LCH Diversity Strategy and complete the following:

Detail how the integration of diversity and equal opportunity meets the needs of both the business and the diverse persons in the workplace, including workers and clients.
Includes details of how the management will:

provide ongoing training and coaching to the team on all areas diversity

how the training and coaching will be implemented.

3. Details a step by step process which:


ensures that the strategy is understood by all relevant stakeholders.

includes the methods and techniques which will be used to regularly monitor, review and evaluate processes which are relevant to diversity issues.

Assessment 2 – Activity 3 – Consult and implement diversity strategies and work practices -Role play- (CHCDIV003)

With the diversity report and strategy completed, you need to collaborate with the team to establish any areas within your documentation which may need further review or investigation.

This will also provide you with an opportunity to assist and coach the team on diversity as a role model and promote the benefits of workplace diversity.  

For this activity you will need to complete a role play demonstrating your ability to provide training and coaching to the team and promote workplace diversity.

Before commencing, read and familiarise yourself with the following documents as they will need to be accessed and/or completed as part of this assessment:

Appendix B: Assessor Observation Report

For this assessment you will need to draw on your personal and workplace experience and apply it to the case study provided in Assessment 2. If not currently employed, you can utilise the skills and knowledge obtained during the work placement hours completed.

To complete this task you will need to conduct a coaching/training session with your team and ensure that all the criteria below has been included in the observation.

For this observation you need to complete a role play by:

Reviewing the Assessor Observation Report in Appendix B to ensure you have addressed all the criteria being observed.
Enlisting the help of at least (2) classmates to play the role of the team.
Ensuring that the participants actively engage with you during the role play (they will need to be heard asking questions etc).
Preparing the scene which should resemble a meeting or training environment.

Your assessor will review your role play and complete the Assessor Observation Report.

Your role play will need to be 5 minutes in length. 

When conduction the session with the team you need to address the following:

Apply effective communication skills to encourage collaboration amongst the team regarding workplace diversity.
Discuss the importance of diversity in relation to clients and the team.
Provide an overview of the diversity report (Activity 1) and the strategy (Activity 2) to promote cohesion and workplace diversity.
Advocate the need to apply diversity procedures based on the policy in Appendix A.

Please submit a copy of the blank Observation Report before conducting your role play

Appendix B: Assessor Observation Report

Assessors must provide supporting comments to confirm that the learner has successfully demonstrated each of the criteria listed below. Use of generic terms such as “Observed and competent” are not acceptable.

CHCDIV003 Manage and promote diversity

Assessor Name:
Assessor Signature:

Learner Name:  

Learner Signature:

Learner skills have been deemed:
Satisfactory:  o
Not Satisfactory: o
Date observation completed:

Assessor Comments

The learner has been observed:

Encouraging collaboration on diversity in the workplace by: Applying effective questioning techniques to elicit views and opinionsUsing active listening techniques to confirm understanding of the information obtained from the team and acknowledge their input    

Discussing the importance of diversity based on the research and report prepared in Assessment 2.                

Providing an overview of the report and strategy they have developed and their importance in achieving work cohesion and diversity.                    

Advocating for the need to apply the diversity procedures to ensure that clients and the team are treated appropriately.                      

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