Develop an Individual Education Plan for a student with a specific learning disability.

Develop an Individual Education Plan for a student with a specific learning disability


For this assignment you will need to first locate the IEP Individual Education Plan form that is used in your district p.s( New York City ) Many entities provide this form on their website or you may need to contact a special education education professional in your state . If you cannot locate an IEP (individual education plan ) form , you may use one from another state or create your own , but it must include all key areas as listed in the case studies .

Make sure that the selected form includes places for the following components :

Cover page : General Information about the student and a place to identify those individuals who will participate in the development of the IEP (Individual Education Plan)

Present Level of Education Performance use the information in the case study as starting point , you may add additional information about this fictitious student , if needed , as long as it is consistent with the given profile.

Measurable Annual goals with short -term objectives or Benchmarks . Make sure to include at least one academic and one functional goal for the selected student .

Accommodations / Modifications and participation in State and district wide assessments

Placement in the least Restrictive environment.

Secondary Transition (if selecting the secondary case study)

After locating your district or state form you will select one of the two case studies provided in the document Fictitious student assessment Data and IEP (Individual Education Plan ) located within your weekly resources . Review the data provided in the selected case study and then develop an IEP plan using the case study and the additional information listed on the attachment. After you complete the IEP write a narrative explaining the choices that you made for this student when developing the IEP (Individual education Plan)

Length 6 pages for the IEP and the analysis of your IEP will be 2 pages.

References include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources


Caruana, V . (2015) Accessing the common core standards for students with learning disabilities : Strategies for writing standards based IEP goals .

IEP components . (n.d.) National Association of special education teachers .

Fictitious student assessment Data and IEP Development case studies edited.

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