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Description of your artefact
111 pttivt, existing products, services and work (ie how does your artefact relate to what other people have done) Aim & objectives of the project List of features that the artefact will include Identify added value that the project provides Identify the intellectual challenges involved
What methodology (structured process) will you be following to realise your artefact?
Describe approach that will be employed to develop your project artefact (this should also show how you plan to test and evaluate the work) Justify the appropriateness and suitability of your approach for realising your artefact
How does your project relate to your degree course and build upon the units/knowledge you have studied/acquired
What are the main contributions of your project as compared to state-of-the-art?
Highlight aspects of the project that correlate with knowledge and skills acquired from your course of study
I ist the main novelties you will produce during the Project work and explain briefly how they differ Iroi► the existing solutions.

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