Describe Embryology and the developmental anatomyand the concerns that occur before birth.

Embryology and the developmental anatomy, The concerns that occur before birth.

The final project in this course will consist of a PowerPoint presentation (No Research Paper). You will publish this presentation prior to or during the Finals Week. Please, start the tread right away and comment on what your topic will be. This way you will reserve your topic. No duplication of topics is allowed. .

Be sure to review all other students posted topics prior to posting your own. Once you complete your PowerPoint presentation, download it to the same discussion. Requirements listed below.

• Select a topic that you are interested in; this topic could be a disease, or new treatment, or new research on some topic related to anatomy and physiology.
• Total number of slides should be around 10 to 20
• Title slide
• Introduction slide
• Body of information (6 – 10 slides)
• Please include pictures and illustration slides if applicable
• Conclusion slide
• Reference slide

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