Describe a time when you saw a leader/manager use one of the influence techniques described in the pamphlet.


Read and answer all 15 questions in the .doc file below. No need to write in essay form just put the answer after the question in a small paragraph.

Answer the following questions related to the pamphlet on Leadership from University College Dublin.


1. What values and beliefs are most important to you as a person?

2. How do you demonstrate them in what you do as an employee?

3. How could you demonstrate them in what you do as a leader?

Boundary Breaking

4. What are the boundaries that constrain you at work?

5. Where could you add value as a leader if you pushed at a boundary?


Distributed leadership

Emotional intelligence

6. Think of a time when a manager made you feel bad. Either under-valued or didn’t appreciate your work. How could that situation have been different if the manager had used Emotional Intelligence? How would that have affected how you felt?


7. Think of a time when you received feedback.

o How was the information relayed?

o How did it make you feel while you were receiving it?

o Would there have been a better way of giving the information?

o How would you give feedback to someone if you were the manager?

Global Leadership

Hero or helper?


8. Describe a time when you saw a leader/manager use one of the influence techniques described in the pamphlet.

Job performance

Know yourself

9. List your top three strengths. How can you use these to best effect?

10. List three weaknesses that need to be developed. What can you do to improve these areas?

Level 5 leader


11. Write out your organization’s mission statement. Are your purpose and passion in line with the mission statement? Who or why not?


Organizational culture

12. When you think about your organization’s culture what is the first thing that comes to mind? Write it here.

o Is this story something to keep or something to change? Defend your answer.

Power and Politics



13. Is your locus of control internal or external?

o How will this affect your ability to be an effective leader?

Strategic thinking



Virtual teams

Wicked Problems

14. List one way your work environment changed due to COVID-19.

o How much time did you have to implement the change?

o How much advance notice did you get?

X-Y Theory



15. List one way you work on work-life balance.

o How will you continue this in a leadership role?

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