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Assessment 3

Assessment type: Problem Based Scenario – individual report

Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate a Network design based on a real time


Due Date: 28th January 2021

Topic: Network Design Report

Task details: In this assessment, students must demonstrate their understanding of critical thinking in an IT context by examining given problems and proposing solutions using the methods explored in the unit.

Students will choose a solution, then implement and evaluate their solution. Students must submit a report that outlines the steps they followed to solve the problems.

Approximate word length is up to 1500 words with topology diagrams. The report should be clearly

presented with supporting material as appendices, such as the calculations for the IP addressing


Practical assignment brief

You have been approached by Company XYZ to design and deploy new branch offices to their network that will span three cities in Queensland:

Brisbane (1300 users)

Gold Coast (400 users)

Cairns (200 users)

The company uses at the company headquarters in Sydney with 3500 users and need

to use a subnetting structure to incorporate the new cities. Adhering to the subnetting scheme and

using VLSM, assign a subnet address to the networks and their links.

Access to the Internet is crucial for each office, as well as inter-branch-office networking. The large

company’s headquarters is in NSW and the new subnets must have connectivity. For the QLD

operation, you can choose any routing protocol, but you need explain the reason for your choice. The communication for each Branch should be encrypted and cost effective. The main office network has been compromised with DOS attack. What should you do to protect network’s company against these types of attacks in future?

Elements: Your goal is to design, deploy and successfully implement their business requirements using all of the following:

o Switches

o Routers

o Workstations

o IP addressing hosts, subnet addresses, broadcast addresses

o Default routes

o Cables

Solution: You are required to design the topology for the three new sub-networks and their connection to the Sydney office. You must document each step you have taken, including your research sources.

You need to come with design report and send it to your technical manager.

Report: The report must contain the following sections:

1. Introduction: Critical analysis of networking requirements

2. Local Area Network (LAN): Design and description of Local Area Network for all subnets which

must include:

a. Network topology: Discuss the reasons for choosing the particular network topology.

LAN design connections to the servers, connection to other subnets and also the internet/intranet

3. Hardware: Provide a complete description of all interconnecting devices (switches, routers, hubs

and access points) and wiring used to build the network. Provide justification for your choice.

4. Conclusion: Comprehensive summary of the work done and recommendations.

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