Dante’s Inferno



Choose 1 topic:
1) In Dante’s Inferno , the Neutrals seem to be isolated by the gates of Hell as personae-non-gratae (Latin for
“unwelcome people”), and are not allowed to join other sinners in the City of Hell. Why does the narrator leave
these sinners by the gate, and does
not allow them to be part of the city of Hell? Why is “Neutrality” both unethical and immoral? Discuss and make
sure to include any quotation that may help you support your views.
2) How is conversing with sinners a way for Dante to confess his own “sins”? What does he confess to (refer to
three sins), and how does he confess? Discuss and make sure to include any quotation that may help you
support your views.
3) Incontinence –unchecked desire for food, sex, greed, etc.– seems to be one of the major causes for
corruption, and thus for “sinning” in Dante’s Inferno.Selecting only one sin of incontinence (either lust or
gluttony), and referring to two “sinners” of the same sin, explain how their unchecked desire is detrimental for
them as individuals, and for their community. Make sure to discuss and to include any quotation that may help
you support your views.
papers should be double space only, typed with Times New Roman font, 12 point (not 14-18 point font), and,
one-inch margin all around (not two or three inch-margins). A double-spaced page contains roughly 22 lines.
The Title page (containing your paper’s Title, your name, Prof.’s name, topic #, as well as time of class
meeting) should be a separate page. Number all pages, except the title page. You should also have a
Bibliography page in which you list in alphabetical order, all books and articles (or internet sources) you have
consulted in order to write your paper. The Bibliography page should be in addition to the five pages of text. In
all you should have at least seven pages




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