CuSO4 aqueous solution

li, 1.0 x 10-14; Zn2+ + 4NH3 —> Zn(NH3)4+,Kf = 2.9 x 109
In a galvanic cell, the cathode is prepared by having a copper plate immersed in 0.10 M CuSO4 aqueous solution and then Ramping H2S gas into the solution, maintaining H2S concentration of 0.10 M. One observed solid CuS was formed due to reaction Cu2+ H2S CuS + 2H+ ; the anode is prepared by having a zinc plate immersed in 0.10 M ZnSO4 aqueous solution, then pumping NH3 gas into the system, until reaching final concentration of NH3 0.10 M. When the two solutions are connected by salt bridge, the measured initial cell potential is 0.86 V. Determine the Ksp for CuS. Given E°(Cu2±/Cu) = 0.34V, E°(Zn2+/Zn) = —0.763V, H2S :Kai = 1.1 x 10-
7 Ka2 —

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