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Essay 1(200words) Essay question:

Through the exploration of two key themes (as below), assess the current challenges faced in UK policing today:

• Legitimacy and accountability

• Race(ism) and policing

• Gender and policing

• The pluralisation of policing

• Risk Society

• Security and surveillance

• Globalisation and policing

Essay 2.Component 1: Research proposal (2000 words) – worth 75% of the module mark

Identify a contemporary criminological topic and write a research proposal. Your research proposal should focus entirely on qualitative research. Your research proposal must be structured as follows:

1) Literature review, including a rationale for the research;

2) Aims & objectives of the research;

3) Research methodology;

4) Ethical considerations;

5) Reference List.

Component 2: Thematic Analysis (500 words) – worth 25% of the module mark

You will be provided with a choice of interview transcripts. Choose ONE of the transcripts and analyse it using a thematic analysis approach as follows:

(1) Highlight the codes in the original document;

(2) Write a summary of the themes (500 words).

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