Culturally Competent Health Care

Having read and reflected upon the assigned material this week from our course text, Guide to
Culturally Competent Health Care, how would you answer the following questions? Be sure and number the
answers to your questions to match the numbering of the following questions themselves:
A) Name 3 key aspects of what we mean by the term ‘culture’
B) What is the difference between primary and secondary characteristics of culture? What role does Religion
play in this?
C) Look at the list of attitudes that those working in health care should develop to become “culturally
competent” in their dealing with patients, found on page 5. Choose one that you sense you have already
developed and explain why you think this is the case.
D) Looking at this same list on page 5, choose one that you would like to develop more thoroughly as a result
of our study this term – and explain why that is the case.

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