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Final Project – Game Development and Presentation


The knowledge you have accumulated throughout the semester will be compiled into this final project. CSIT 111, a General Education course, has also helped you develop competence in the following General Education program skills:

1. content/knowledge and/or skills,
2. written and oral communication skills,
3. critical thinking skills, 4. technology as a learning tool 5. independent learning skills.

Using the programming or simulation language used in this course (Alice) create a computer game demonstrating skills you have learned during the semester.

Required: Timer and/or Scorekeeper
Comments explaining code and methods used
Billboard – Game play instructions

Select at least 7 of the following skills to demonstrate your understanding of Alice programming concepts:

Sound Recursion Collison Control Opacity Random Motion
Loops Parameters Lists Functions Boolean Logic
Variables Vehicle Camera moves Turn to Face 3D Text


The assignment is further broken down into four phases.

Phase 1: Game and Audience Selection:

Create a computer version of any of the basic video games or board games on the market. The student
must also select a specific age group (listed below) as game players’ audience.

The design of the game must take the audience’s age into account. The game will be graded on appeal to the selected audience, completeness and gameplay.

Age Groups  5 – 9 (year olds), 9-13, 13-21, 25-35, 40-60, 60+

Phase 2: Planning your Game: Visual and Textual Storyboards:

In game creation, there is always an artist rendering of the game’s characters or the game in action. The storyboard needs to contain at least six images showing the game (Visual Storyboards) as well as the textual storyboards. The storyboard cannot be “screen captures” of the actual Alice electronic game and must follow the template from the textbook (page 26). If the storyboard is hand drawn, it will need to be scanned for submittal. You will be graded on effort (number of scenes, color), detail of images, and appealing overall layout.

Phase 3: Presentation:

Each student will prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on the following requirements:

1. At least 15 slides
2. First slide has Student Name and Course/Section
3. Last slide is a “Questions?” slide to give the class an opportunity to ask you questions about your project (this slide is not required for online students)
4. Should have some of the storyboards (Visual and textual) in it
5. Along with other slides in your presentation, please create a dedicated slide for each topic below:
a. what features you have and have added to the game
b. the challenges you had
c. what did you learn through this experience
d. why you chose this game

Phase 4: Great Project Submission:

Students will submit the Great Project in a zip file. The zip file and each one of the files will be named using your Name. Below are the files that you need to include in your zip folder:

1. Visual Storyboards (electronic/scanned)
2. Textual Storyboards
3. PowerPoint presentation
4. Alice world


The textbook discussions and lessons may not have covered every aspect of programming the game. Students will not only need to research some code that may be required, but also research code to add gameplay features, and targeted audience requirements and preferences, i.e., timers, scorekeepers, collision control, and how to use primitive methods and controls.
While you may research videos and/or tutorials to help with gameplay features, you should not submit games that you have found on the Internet as you own. Faculty maintains a repository of Alice 2.4 Internet games, as well as, games that have been submitted in past semesters.
If you submit work that is not your own (plagiarism) you will fail the entire course and an incident report will be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct for appropriate disciplinary action.
Grading Rubric:

Item Points
Text Storyboards (6) 30
Visual Storyboards (6) 30
Alice World 46
7 skills used 14
PowerPoint file 16
Information contained in PowerPoint:
Age group in PowerPoint 2
Visual Storyboard in PowerPoint 2
Text Storyboard in PowerPoint 2
Features in PowerPoint 2
Challenges in PowerPoint 2
Learning Experiences in PowerPoint 2
Why game choice in PowerPoint 2
Total 150

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