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Creating a culture of EBP

Despite the Institute of Medicine’s call for improving patient safety in the publication To Err is Human, and its 2001 recommendation for all professionals to deliver patient-centered care emphasizing evidence-based practice (EBP),

struggles to implement and sustain EBP continue to exist. Daily challenges plague managers regarding urgent operational issues and increasing budgetary and also resource constraints. However, managers remain in the ideal position to create and support an environment that provides evidence-based care.

Nurse managers play a major role in establishing a unit-base culture in which nursing practice is guide by evidence. To do this, we must establish expectations supported by departmental policy that encourage clinical nurses to actively incorporate evidence into daily decision making.

This can produce challenges for the often overburdened manager who must overcome the frequently sited barriers to EBP implementation:

lack of time, inadequate knowledge and also skills, lack of EBP mentors, and resistance to change.

 The nurse managers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center have formalized the role of the manager in designing a unit culture to facilitate EBP for clinical staff. Furthermore, organizational support for the adoption of EBP is a prerequisite for implementation throughout the organization.

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