Coursework 1

You are required to identify and justify your choice of a company or organisation that will be subject of the case study that forms the second part of the Coursework. This first piece of coursework will lay the foundation for the second, by identifying the company or organisation that you will study in increasing detail as the weeks go by. For this reason the choice of a suitable organisation is a very important. The organisation may be one you have personal knowledge or experience of or an organisation about which you can obtain sufficient information from publicly available source e.g. press articles, business journals or magazines, annual reports, websites etc.

There are two elements that must be covered in Coursework 1:

1.  Reporting on the organisation in which you identify the organisations

size (it is for you to decide how this should be measured)
structure or the way it is organised (how you describe this will depend on the type and size of the organisation you choose)
success or failure (you should explain what criteria you are using to judge its success or failure).
2.  An appraisal of how the organisation is affected by the environment in which it  operates.

The coursework is in the format of a PPT presentation with narrative.  There is additional support on How to make a PPT with Narrative video presentation .

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