Confidence Intervals

Use the Hunt Library Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) (Links to an external site.) to find an
article that meets the following criteria.
Full text available on ERIC.
Contains the words “Confidence Interval” or “Confidence Intervals.”
Download the full-text article and write a four-paragraph (maximum) critique of the article. Follow the guidelines
in the Writing Article Critiques page.
Post & Discuss
Post your four paragraph (maximum) article critique, include your article as an attachment (or a link to the
article), and then address the following:
Do you believe the results? Why or why not?
State the reported confidence interval(s) estimate in two ways:
the upper and lower limits
the sample proportion ± the error term
(don’t forget to include the confidence level)
State the meaning of the confidence interval(s).
Can a reported mean of your article data be treated as a value from a population having a normal distribution?
Why or why not?
You should make your initial post before the fourth day of the module week to receive full credit. Return at least
once later in the module week to provide meaningful comments to two or more of your classmates’ posts. DO
NOT “post and run” – making all three posts in the same visit. You need multiple visits to the discussion area to
gain multiple perspectives by reading all of the posts and replies.

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