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Q1. A 3-ply SPF-No 1/2 with individual member size of 64×140 mm is used as a column. The
members are adequately fastened using bolts according to clause The height of the column
is 2400 mm. Determine the compression capacity of the built-up column. Determine the maximum
compressive resistance of the same member considering that the built-up connection is not
constructed properly (does not follow clause
Q2. Determine the compression parallel to grain capacity of a Douglas-Fir 16c-E Glulam member
with dimensions of 265×380 mm. The length of the column is 10 meters. In Case A there is only
lateral support at the top and bottom of the column. In Case B an intermediate support is present
in the weak direction at mid height.
Q3. A stud wall is sitting on a 38x89mm SPF Stud grade sill plate; the studs are also 38x89mm. It is
required to calculate the maximum bearing capacity of the sill plate.
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