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Company is Nordstrom! ( external capital funding proposal .

Company is Nordstrom!!!! (external capital funding proposal.)

 You will build on that narrative description providing sufficient detail about the expansion, its costs, and its timeframe to give a loan committee a firm sense of the proposed investment. You will also analyze the impact of the investment proposal on Nordstrom by explaining why now is the right time for this investment given the global context and by explaining how the investment is a good strategic fit with your company.

In order to secure the support of potential financial backers, your proposal will need to lay out what the proposed investment opportunity is, how it fits within the company’s broader mission and goals, its financial impact, and the amount being requested and why (including alternative funding mechanisms considered). In addition, it will also need to include information on the organization’s context, risk factors, and microeconomic assumptions that could affect the success of the investment.

A. Describe the investment project. Be sure to provide sufficient detail to give the loan committee a firm sense of the parameters of the activity, the need for it, and what financial metrics are relevant for determining success. In other words, what do you propose to do, where, what marketplace need will it fill, and how will you measure success?

B. -Specify the resources the project will require and where these resources will come from. In addition to noting the amount of the loan you are requesting, you should also consider human resources, facilities, government approvals, intellectual property, access to natural resources, and other resources that might be required to carry out the project.

C. Time frame. When will the project start, what is the anticipated economic life of the proposed expansion, and how will you decide if, when, or how to exit? Justify your choices with appropriate financial metrics.


–10 pages(not including cover page and reference page)

–APA Format and Citations

-4 References

–12-point Times New Roman font

CAPITAL BUDGETING PROPOSAL 1 Capital budgeting proposalStudent nameInstitutionProfessorCourseDate CAPITAL BUDGETING PROPOSAL 2 In the course of recent decades, Nordstrom has reinforced its…

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