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roe colblisPpeciaity vibrana- company assembles iec p t video (V2 ) eemlebcitersoUnlitcrsasHtoDreps.rol’he is a manufacturer of home t,sothat Them p p ) n ar ) rego„ s and related components. throug the projector with high fidelity audi -0 colju –ti external buildie niiers. global trade uncertainties dio components f cha enges with their Pacific elipurchai,A from silik ong°ing Du to and carriers, V2 has decided to and be supplied by an elect from suppliers delivery giiii 14″ nroximity to Portland. The speakers will b s _ophiers . buy the au . be purchased f III closer r ions in Tijuana, Mexico, and the receivers •will from an audio lab :116;1.11a°11Pcehrearstctl:earn’se contracts have been negotiated in Principlee.sTuhppeisiep speaker supplier sells its tonics company lie P1-1′ Aids FOB Destination, Freight Collect and Allowed. The reaokf receivers only sells pr°u ducts FOB Origin, Freight Collect. The remaining issue for the T’ transportation irect°r – its pr° is to evaluate the delivery options that her analyst recommended for each product ncig make e 1 e ra n at dinefcoisrimonat.ion is provided in the following table:
Manufactured in V2 purchase price Weight Dimensions Characteristics
Tijuana, Mexico $175 per set 28 pounds 30″ (L) x 18″ (W) x 18″ (H) Sturdy, bulky, not easily damaged
RECEIVER Manchester, New Hampshire $225 per unit 5 pounds 18″ (L) x (W) x (H) Compact, vibration sensitive. theft risk
Freight Terms
FOB Destination, Freight Collect and FOB Origin, Freight Collect Allowed
Option 1
Option 2
Weekly LTL delivery 200 sets $2,485 Cost per delivery Twice per month TL delivery 400 sets $2,946 Cost per delivery
Weekly Ground delivery 200 units $2,169 Cost per delivery Twice per week airireight delivery 100 units $2,411 Cost per delivery

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