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GUIDE UESTIONS: Journal Entry 1 (minimum of 500 words) Reflect on howyou integrated your classroom learning into your Fieldwork Placement. For example: Give examples of when you applied specific skills and knowledge in completing your placement tasks, especially in working with clients. How did it challenge you? How did it motivate you to develop further as a community worker? How did you respond to a critical or important event on placement using your knowledge and skills in community services?

Journal Entry 2 (minimum of 500 words)

Reflect on the specific community/human services-related tasks you performed during your Fieldwork Placement. For example:
How did the tasks that you undertook benefit the clients of the agency? Provide examples. What type of client interactions didyou have? What did you learn in engaging with these client groups?

Journal Entry 3 (minimum of 500 words)

Reflect on the interaction and support you have received from your supervisor/s and other agency staff throughout your Fieldwork Placement. For example:

How do you respond to feedback? To conflict? What have you learned about your communication skills and learning style? What type of management style do you respond to? What has been most challenging about working with other people?

Journal Entry 4 (minimum of 500 words)

Reflect on your professional growth as a community service worker (student) through your Fieldwork Placement. For example:

For you, what are the personal and professional challenges of this profession? What are the joys? What have you identified to be your strengths? What are your areas for improvement? What strategies have you used to practise self-care?

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