Paper 1: Choose ONE of the cinematic elements we have covered: mise-en-scne, cinematography, editing, or sound, and analyze ONE film we have screened using that element.

Answer the following questions in your analysis:

How does that element function in the film?
How does it relate to the films themes?
Write an argumentative essay (4-5 pages) that is focused, clear, and persuasive.

Your essay must include a thesis statement with a clear position (defined in a sentence at the end of your introduction paragraph) and use specific examples from the film(s) to back up your points.

You need to use at least two outsides sources (other than our textbook). Please do not use only websites (articles, books, reviews, etc. accessed through the Auraria Library Database are the best). Wikipedia is NOT a valid source for your paper.

Go to (Links to an external site.) (or, from MSU Home Page, just click the Library tab)
Under Start My Research, type in your search terms.
When the results appear, go to the options on the left-hand menu.
Under refine your search, click Items with full text online and Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review.
Make the first sentence in each paragraph (your topic sentence) a claim that will be discussed in the paragraph.

Speak the language of cinema studies. Refer to the film language lectures for specific terminology.

Remember that we have seen the film toodont re-tell the action of the film. YOUR points, analysis, and use of examples are the important aspects.

Papers should be properly formatted in MLA, double-spaced, and carefully edited.

Films are texts. Always underline or italicize films over 60 minutes in length. Short films are short texts, so titles are in quotation marks.

The best topics are the ones in which you are interested. Choose an aspect of the course we have covered so far and do some critical thinking about it. You can use one of the questions at the end of the lectures as a starting point for your topic if you like.

Return here to upload your paper, where you can attach your paper in .doc, .pdf, or .txt.  (Note: if you write in Pages, please export to Word format in order for the paper to work correctly with the system.)


Pre-Submission Checklist (Come back and check this before you upload the paper.)

Have you…

*Chosen ONE cinematic element and ONE film?

*Answered the two questions: How does the specific cinematic element function in the film, and how does it relate to the films theme(s)?

*Used the language of cinema studies?

*Added a correct header, title, and page numbers to your paper?

*Crafted an introductory paragraph that immediately sets up the focus of your topic?

*Included a thesis that identifies the films under discussion and states the main point that will be shown (e.g., the cinematography of Film Title contributes to the theme of X [or accomplishes X, Y, and Z])?

*Written topic sentences for your paragraphs that indicate the next point to be made (this should both support your thesis and explain what will be discussed in the paragraph)?

*Used critical articlesyouve done a search through Auraria Library–not only websites and not from Wikipedia. *Integrated quotations from your film critics into a sentence (they cant stand alone)?

*Met paper length requirements?

*Included the film and all sources used in your works cited/bibliography list?

*Double-checked MLA format for headers, page set-up, source list? Remember there’s a link on the sidebar that can help you check MLA requirements.


Focuses on one element and one film? Yes/No
Answers how the selected element functions in the film? Yes/No
Shows how the selected element relates to the films themes? Yes/No
Includes a clear thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph? Yes/No
Summary or detail rather than re-telling story? Yes/No
Uses the language of cinema study? Yes/No
Sources used thoughtfully? Yes/No
Page header formatted correctly? Yes/No
Other assignment guidelinesincluding lengthmet? Yes/No

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