Certification Review Study Plan Assignment Guidelines with Scoring Rubric Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify the student’s potential weaknesses for the future national FNP certification exam and NP practice. A certification review study plan will be created to address the student’s weaknesses, and help prepare them to pass the national FNP

Certification Review Study Plan Assignment

Guidelines with Scoring Rubric


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify the student’s potential weaknesses for the future national FNP certification exam and NP practice. A certification review study plan will be created to address the student’s weaknesses, and help prepare them to pass the national FNP certification exam and the APEA Predictor exam. This study plan should be used throughout the course to guide the student.


Course Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate a command of essential knowledge needed for safe, quality primary care practice as a family nurse practitioner.
  2. Demonstrate competencies essential of the family nurse practitioner role as leaders and advocates of holistic, safe, and quality care.

Due Date: This assignment is due by 11:59 pm MT Sunday of Week 1.

Total Points Possible:  100


– The student should review their APEA Pre Predictor exam results from the NR 603 course in detail.

– Results from the following knowledge areas must be reviewed: cardiovascular, dermatology, endocrine, EENT, gastroenterology, health promotion, hematology, men’s health, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, pregnancy, professional issues, psychiatry, respiratory, sexually transmitted infections, urology, and women’s health.

In addition the results from the following testing domains must be reviewed: assessment, diagnosis, evaluation, pharmacotherapeutics, and planning and intervention.

There must be a minimum of four knowledge areas and two testing domains included in the study plan (additional weak areas are encouraged to be included). At a minimum, the student should select the lowest scored four knowledge areas and the lowest scored two testing domains.

The study plan must include: at least six total learning goals based on the knowledge areas and testing domains (see above), and each goal must have at least four associated learning activities, a timeline for completion (within the current class timeframe), and a reflection.

Learning activities must be clearly identified and detailed. Learning activities may include:

  • Practicing with subject specific and additional150 question exams in the APEA myQbank
  • Additional time studying specific areas of the APEA review modules
  • Watching a webinar
  • Reading specific journal articles
  • Attending a conference or workshop
  • Working with preceptor in clinical setting to address identified weaknesses
  • Reviewing case studies
  • Going through a practice simulation
  • Studying from the certification review textbook
  • Attending a live certification review course

Preparing the Assignment:

The assignment may be completed in a table format (see below) or organized in such a way that each learning goal is clearly separated and easily identifiable. All parts of this assignment must be the student’s original work. APA format is not required.

Sample Study Plan:

Learning Goal (Identified from Pre Predictor exam)

What do you want to accomplish?

Learning Activities

How are you going to accomplish your goal?


When do you want to accomplish your goal?


How will accomplishing your goal improve your certification preparation or make you a better nurse practitioner?

Improve my knowledge of respiratory function and diseases.
  1. Complete respiratory subject specific exams in the APEA myQbank. I will continue to practice with these until I consistently score at least 90%.
  2. Review respiratory/pulmonary in the Clinical Guidelines in Primary Care textbook.
  3. Read at least 4-advanced practice nursing/medical journal articles related to respiratory.
  4. Ask my preceptor to guide me through a detailed lung assessment at my clinical site.
  5. Attend the on ground FNP Intensive week 7 of this course, and focus on respiratory during the review.
The majority of this goal will be accomplished by week 5, ahead of the first Predictor exam, and will be reviewed as necessary through week 8 of this course. Learning activity number 5 will be accomplished by week 8. Improving my respiratory assessment and diagnosis skills will ensure that I have the knowledge to make the best care decisions for my patients. Increasing my understanding about the disease process and medications will help me communicate with my colleagues, and recognize changes in my patients that I may not have recognized without this knowledge. Additionally, increasing my knowledge in this area will better prepare me to be successful on my national certification exam.




NR661 Certification Review & Study Plan Grading Rubric


  Discussion Topic 1


Learning Goals


The assignment contains a minimum of 6 learning goals (4 based on the student’s lowest scored Pre Predictor knowledge areas, and 2 from the lowest scored testing domain areas).

* 5-point deduction for each missing goal. Additionally, if there are not at least 4 goals from knowledge area and 2 from the testing domain area then a 10-point deduction will apply.

Learning Activities


Learning activities support the learning goals. There must be at least 4 separate learning activities clearly identified for each learning goal.

* 5-point deduction for each learning goal not supported by at least 4 separate clearly identified learning activities (up to 30 point maximum).



Reflection identifies how accomplishing the learning goal will improve certification preparation or make the student a better nurse practitioner.

* 5-point deduction for each missing reflection, or a reflection that does not include the above criteria (up to 30 point maximum).



Timeline clearly identifies when the learning goal will be accomplished. All goals must be accomplished within the current class timeframe.

*1-point deduction for each missing timeline, or a timeline that does not include the above criteria (up to 6 point maximum).



Study plan is organized and grouped by learning goals in a table or other format that aligns all components of the study plan under each learning goal (see sample Study Plan in assignment instructions).


* 4-point deduction if the above criteria is not met. Entire assignment must be organized this way or full deduction applies. No partial deductions.

Late Deductions


The student must submit this assignment by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT of week 1. Late assignments will incur a 10% daily deduction. An assignment will not be accepted after it exceeds three days late, and a zero grade will be assigned.

Total Quality Points Earned per Thread /100  



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