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Assessment Task

You are a business development consultant and you have been commissioned by a client to complete the following tasks in relation to the case study provided on the module page. You MUST use the case study on the module page (see Case Study Tab) for this assessment; no other companies or case studies can be used. Each task should be clearly documented in a report format that is of a professional standard.

Complete a customer journey map for the company. Your customer journey map should be supported with an explanation of the customer persona, the scope of the map and any areas you have identified for potential improvement in the customer experience.

The company wants to create a new product in order to appeal to a new market segment whilst maintaining its reputation. What should they consider in terms of intellectual property and risk and how should these be managed?

3.            The company is keen to know how they can use data analytics to improve customer acquisition; this could include relevent data analysis tools that the company could utilise.

Your report must include the following elements. The word length of each section is suggested as a guide based on the importance of each section.

Title Page Contents Page

Introduction (500 words)

Task 1 (750 words)

Task 2 (750 words)

Task 3 (750 words)

Summary of Recommendations (250 words) References

Your submission should be formatted in a professional manner and of a quality that would meet the expectations of a senior management team. This is also an academic piece of work and therefore requires appropriate Harvard Referencing throughout. You should make frequent reference to relevant theories and examples to support your analysis.

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