Business and Technical Writing and Research

Business and Technical Writing and Research

Background: You were instructed to develop a problem-solution proposal on a topic of your choice. This proposal was intended to be a “blueprint” for the final report that you want to write.

Business Writing Concepts: It is common in business communication to present the same information in various formats. You completed the proposal. You will now use that information to develop it into your actual report.


Instructions: Use your proposal assignment (will be attached) and develop it into your actual report. In doing this, you will need to expand and convert your proposal into an actual report. You may use the same headers from the proposal in your report. You can also add your own headers as you develop the report. Include the following elements into your report:

A Cover Page

Table of Contents

Abstract/ Summary/ or Executive Summary

Body of Report: Again, you may use some information from your proposal to develop this report.Also be sure to add your own sections and/or questions as you develop the report.

Conclusion: This should conclude the discussion from the body of your report with your final comments based on your research findings and the evidence, facts, and data you uncovered.

Recommendation: This should be a final statement about your topic with a recommendation about how to correct the problem you have chosen to write about. This can be taken from the solution part in the report and paraphrased here. This part can also be in bullet points.


You do not need to include the “Objective” and “Proposal” parts from the proposal in your actual report. In all, this report should be 6 to 8 pages and must include at least 5 reputable secondary sources to help you develop the report. You must also include at least 5 graphs and/or charts to analyze in the report. Do not simply put pictures into the report.

*NOTE: The 6 to 8 pages does include the cover page, table of contents, and References page as part of the page count.

Be conscious of how you write the actual report. I will look for your ability to be clear, correct, concise, and complete in writing the report. Please be sure to revise and edit your final report before you submit it.

Any report suspected of being plagiarized will be cause for automatic failure of the course, regardless of previous work submitted.

Writing Objectives and Goals:

To develop a professional level report

To demonstrate your ability at understanding audience

To demonstrate your ability to synthesize secondary sources into your report

To use effective and clear English

To demonstrate your understanding of using technical elements in a business report

To cater to both visual and auditory audiences

Requirements: 6 to 8 Pages (Include’s the cover page, table of contents, and References page)

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