BUSI3030 – International Supply Chain Management


BUSI3030 – International Supply Chain Management


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Essay (30%) – Due 4pm Friday 1 September 2017

Choose one of the following three topics:

Topic 1:Do developments in international supply chain management technology and infrastructure provide a further advantage for developed countries, or do they have the potential to level the international playing field?

Topic 2:To what extent will issues of environment and sustainability impact international supply chain management over the coming years?

Topic 3:What are the risks, issues, opportunities, and impacts of the recent trends of trade protectionism and nationalist policies of some countries?

Assessment Criteria:

No. Criteria: F P CR D HD
1. Depth and Breadth of Knowledge Demonstrated

·         All relevant ideas, concepts, theories covered with clear explanation, and with clear recognition of the provisional nature of knowledge and/or multiple perspectives possible.

·         Clear evidence of a wide range of relevant, current and credible sources used to answer/explore/argue the question.

·         Goes beyond listed resources to carry out independent research

·         Clarifies important definitions and terminology;

·         Demonstrates a solid understanding of research about the topic.

2. Quality of Thinking Evidence

·         Ideas, theory and information sources well integrated to provide sound argument for the conclusion(s) reached.

·         Applies all relevant theory with precision and rigor to resolve the problem/issue.

·         Use of a range of well-selected examples and research to effectively support the points being made.

·         Identification of all relevant factors/matters pertinent to the problem, case, or issue and recognition of the significance of any inter- relationships.

·         Critically evaluates information/evidence (e.g. in terms of reliability, validity, significance, relevance, contradictions, linkage to theory).

3 Quality of Communication

·         Judicious use of headings, sub-headings and other organisational methods (such as tables, charts, diagrams) to facilitate understanding on the part of the reader.

·         Ideas flow clearly and coherently, with appropriate use of paragraphs to make points.

·         Expression clear, fluent precise, focused on the question, within word limit, and in the appropriate genre.

·         Grammar, spelling & punctuation is virtually free of errors.

·         Introduction outlines purpose and focus;

·         Main points discussed in logically sequential paragraphs;

4. Conformance with RSM formatting guidelines and referencing standards

·         Application of referencing style stipulated in course outline

·         Source material acknowledged, with appropriate, balanced use of paraphrasing, summarising and quoting.

·         Adherence to all formatting requirements.

F = Fail; P = Pass; CR = Credit; D = Distinction; HD = High Distinction

Overall Mark:             /30

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