BUAD-345 – Consumer Behaviour Passion Project

BUAD-345 – Consumer Behaviour Passion Project


Overview: This project gives students a hands-on experience in profiling a target market (type of consumer) so that they could use this knowledge of focus areas and methodologies to analyze and understand any target group in a chosen industry.  Students will work in groups and pick one product (hereto called “product”) that they are passionate about.  Unlike other projects where the topics are largely pre-determined, choosing a topic/product in this way gives the group a chance to do research that is meaningful to them.  If the product is chosen carefully, the interest level should remain high throughout the project.


The project should indicate one target market on which to focus.  The group will determine the consumers’ behaviour in finding, buying, using, and disposing of that product.  Students will collect information on the target market through secondary research to compile a profile that will be presented to the class.  The final outcome will be a complete profile of the target market’s behaviour, as well as conclusions and recommendations as to how a business could best market its service or product to this customer.  By the end of all the class presentations, students should have an extensive knowledge of numerous target group segments and how to effectively market different products to them.


Project Evaluation:                                                                                                                       Part II – Final Written Report:



The project will require careful deduction and documented work to get sufficient detail in order to understand how consumers would be expected to behave in a typical buying situation.


Competency: 80% of final mark achievable on the project will be based on the concepts and content examined in this course

Initiative: 20% will come from additional work and initiative taken in researching and applying other areas discussed in class, text, readings (going beyond the basics).


Date Due:  Projects submitted at least 1 week early will receive a 10% bonus.

Projects submitted late will receive a 10% penalty for every late day.  After 5 days, the project will not be accepted.







Part II: Written Report                       Date Due:  Refer to Course Outline


Written Report Format:

  • Each Key Topic Area is to begin on a new page with a title
  • All minor topic areas are to have a clear title heading to ease location of topics.
  • Margins must be 1 inch all around.
  • Fonts should be at least 12 pt. and easy to read (for example: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri).
  • Document must be double-spaced.
  • All pages other than the title page are to be numbered and properly referenced using APA style.


Organization of Written Report:

  1. Title page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Body – factual/concise findings of your research (see following details)
  5. Conclusions/Implications
  6. Recommendations
  7. Appendices (data tables, reference lists, etc.)


Body of Report should include these sections, appropriately titled:

Target Market Analysis Size, demographics, education, income, gender, etc.
Personality Lifestyles, traits, psychographics
Perception Sensory, Thresholds, Semiotics, Changes, Learning
Motivation Needs, Wants, Conflicts (Maslow)
Involvement Level, Types Appeals, Risk
Values Types/Importance, Hierarchical Value map
Self Concepts Self: Actual/Ideal, Product Congruence, Image, Roles

Extended: Group/Community

Attitudes Type, Forming factors, Balance, Commitment, Consistency, Harmony (dissonance) etc., Changing
Decision making process Process used, Situational factors/Affects

Post-purchase consumption/disposal

Group Influences Reference, Family, Social, Culture
Marketing Strategy How the product offering meets the needs of the Target Market by analyzing the elements of the Marketing Mix (4 Ps).

Consumer Behaviour–Written Project Evaluation



Each section and activity within the project has a defined value (weight).  These are shown below.  Each section will receive a mark out of 10 based on quality of the content, the clarity of the writing, and the professionalism of how it is presented.  As discussed previously, 8 out of 10 (80%) is the maximum mark possible for work that meets all content requirements.  The extra 2 out of 10 (20%) comes from exceptional work that shows initiative and excellent understanding and application.  This is demonstrated below.


  Activity Weight
1. Organization of report 5%  
2. Executive summary 5%  
3. Target market analysis 10%  
4. Personality 5%  
5. Perception 5%  
6. Motivation 5%  
7. Involvement 5%  
8. Values 5%  
9. Self Concepts 5%  
10. Attitudes 5%  
11. Decision-making process 5%  
12. Group Influences 5%  
13. Marketing Strategy 10%  
14. Conclusion and


15. Sources, tables appendices 10%  
16. Grammar/Spelling/typos

Writing Style, APA Style

Mark Achievement
9-10 Excellent and displays initiative
7-8 Very to Excellent
6 Good
5 Satisfactory
4 Needs Improvement
2-3 Well below college standards
0-1 Not done or barely done


Although sections 4—12 appear to be weighted lightly, they form the basis of the research and the usefulness of the project to a client.  It is the culmination and interaction of these sections that provides the ability to ascertain a fit to the target market, reach a conclusion, and suggest recommendations.  Along with the target market analysis, they add up to 55% of the project mark.


While each section includes marks for professional presentation, there is a separate mark for the overall technical writing (grammar, spelling, etc.).  Please note:  If the writing is not at an acceptable level for a third-year college class, the entire document may be rejected.  At that point, it is up to the professor to decide to grant or not to grant a re-write.  Re-write due dates are at the discretion of the professor.  All re-writes are subject to a 35% penalty—that is, once marked, the final grade will be reduced by 35%.  This means, to pass, the re-write must receive a minimum of 77% (77% minus 35% equals 50%).




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