Bernoulli’s equation is applicable only when

a. Across a hydraulic jump
i. there is a significant loss of energy
ii. there is an increase in the flow depth
iii. the flow transits from supercritical to subcritical
iv. all of the above
b. Bernoulli’s equation is applicable only when
i. a flow is unsteady
ii. a flow is steady, incompressible and can be treated as inviscid
iii. a flow is only incompressible and inviscid
iv. None of the above
c. Separation is likely to occur
i. only in regions of a flow where there are no solid objects
ii. only in flows that are turbulent
iii. when viscous stresses can be neglected
iv. when the flow is forced to change direction suddenly such as around sharp corners
d. Gauge pressure is
i. always positive
ii. always negative
iii. equal to the atmospheric pressure everywhere in a flow
iv. the difference between the true pressure and a reference pressure, and the reference pressure
is usually the atmospheric pressure
e. In a static fluid of constant density
i. it is impossible to tell how the pressure varies without knowing if the fluid is a liquid or a gas
ii. pressure varies quadratically with the depth
iii. pressure varies linearly with the depth
iv. pressure is constant

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