Based on your observation and review of the CHNA What actual or potential problems did you identify in both communities?Discuss

Please use the youtube videos for the Windshield Survey.

Windshield Survey Reflective Paper Assignment

Purpose: A windshield survey is an informal survey method of data collection where the population or

community health nurses drives around the community/area they are researching and records his/her

observations. Windshield surveys provide visual outline of a community looking at conditions and trends

could affect the health of the population.

Students will be provided with resources to conduct a community survey collecting data to explore and

assess community strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for intervention while also exploring their own personal biases.

Program Outcome:

• Integrate servant leadership into nursing practice to promote global health.

• Provide safe, quality care incorporating evidence-based nursing practice.

• Demonstrate commitment to the nursing profession and lifelong learning.

Course Objective: Apply concepts of population health to reduce health disparities and improve health

outcomes of communities.

Module Objective:

• Demonstrate understanding of data analysis to assess community strengths, weaknesses, and

opportunities for intervention.

• Compare and contrast community needs assessment with your visual assessment of a community

• Conduct a windshield survey on 2 different communities in the Richmond metropolitan area

• Provide a written reflection and summary of the activity and submit in Blackboard as directed


1. Complete assigned readings

2. Review the windshield survey assessment tool provided

3. Review videos of the two communities provided to you in Blackboard

4. Record your observations based on the categories listed on the windshield survey assessment tool

for each category

• Do not make observations based on your personal knowledge. Even if you recognize a

structure, or if it is familiar to you, do not include it in your summary

• Write your paper summarizing your observations, compare, and contrasts the two

communities based the data you collected in the windshield survey assessment tool.

• You must respond to each prompt (go back to the data collected in your tool) and you

may use the prompts as headers in your paper

i. Community Core

ii. Subsystems

5. When describing the communities reflect on general appearance of the communities

6. Reflect on the social and environmental determinants of health for both communities

7. Now review pages 48-49 of the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) for Bon

Secours Richmond.

• As you read, compare your observations with the key findings on pages 48-49 provided in

the CHNA

i. For example, if chronic disease is listed as a key finding what do you see in your

observations that would contribute to this finding? i.e. do you see access to health

care resources?

8. After reviewing the information provided in the CHNA how is the community involved?

• Were all populations/key community stakeholders involved?

• What value did their contributions make to the overall assessment?

9. Based on your observation and review of the CHNA What actual or potential problems did you

identify in both communities?

• What population-focused interventions would you start with? (identify at least two)

i. : If you identified transportation as an actual/potential problem what intervention

would you implement to address this problem?

• How would these interventions create long lasting change for these communities?

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