Balance sheet 2020 2019Cash 25,000.00 24,100.00Accounts

Balance sheet 2020 2019
Cash 25,000.00 24,100.00
Accounts Receivable 763,900.00
Inventories 763,445.00
Total current assets 1,551,445.00
Net fixed assets 1,593,819.00 1,343,707.00
Total assets _________________ 2,895,152.00
Accounts payable 400,500.00
Notes payable 311,000.00 370,000.00
Accruals 75,000.00 100,902.00
Total current liabilities 871,402.00
Long term debt 1,165,250.00 700,000.00
Shareholder’s equity 1,043,750.00
Retained earnings 280,000.00
Total liabilities and shareholder’s equity _________________ 2,895,152.00
Income statement 2020
Sales revenue 5,075,000.00
Cost of goods sold
Gross profit
Operating expenses
Interest 93,000.00
Tax 24,000.00
Earnings available for preferred stocks
Preferred dividends 3,000.00
Earnings available for common stocks __________________
Common stock dividends 13,000.00
Inventory turnover 5.3
Average collection period 57
Asset turnover 1.6
Debt ratio 0.57
Gross profit margin 0.27
Net profit margin 0.0071
ROA 1.2
ROE 2.7
Current ratio 2.49
Inventory turnover=cost of goods sold/Inventory
Average collection period=accounts receivable/average sales per day=accounts receivable/(annual sales/365)
Asset turnover=sales/total assets
Debt ratio=total liabilities/total assets
Gross profit margin=(sales-cost of goods sold)/sales=Gross profit/sales
Net profit margin=net income or earnings available for common stockholders/sales
ROA=net income or earnings available for common stockholders/total assets
ROE=net income or earnings available for common stockholders/common stock equity
Current ratio=current assets/current liability

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