Attention Students:This is an editable word document.This

Attention Students:
This is an editable word document.
This word copy of assessment is for student to work offline. Please DO NOT upload this document in Student Hub. You can copy and paste answers from this word document to your online assessment.
Student : Rula Abdul Hakim Milhem – S2123891
Course : Certificate III in Pathology Collection
Course Offer : 21M3PCB3
Course Unit : HLTPAT004 Collect pathology specimens other than blood
Assessment type : Theory Assessment
1. Why must you greet the client courteously and identify self?
2. How can you identify a clientas details?
3. Discuss the impact of factors that may affect chemical analysis of specimens.
4. Discus the process of taking a patientas history.
5. Discuss the process of a physical examination of client.
6. What information must you provide when explaining collection procedures to client?
7. Identify 3 ways to obtain consent for collection procedure.
8. How should you confirm the methods of collection?
9. Discuss the features, function or and use of 4 pieces of equipment.
10. Who might you ask for guidance and assistance when positioning a client?
11. What does practicing within your scope mean?
12. What are standard precautions when it comes to collecting specimens?
13. What are additional precautions when it comes to collecting specimens?
14. What is a policy?
15. What is a procedure?
16. Why is it essential to use collection and clinical equipment appropriately and safely?
17. Why must you observe a client during and after collection?
18. When handling waste, it is necessary toa?
19. What information must you record on label of the sample?
20. Why is it important to confirm information accuracy with client?
21. What is client documentation?
22. What considerations need to be made when preparing a specimen for transport or storage?

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