Assignment 7.1: Crime Scene Exhibit Seizure

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Jul 5, 2020 at 11:59 PM
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This assignment focuses upon the proper completion of the exhibit bag and the exhibit form. It is a practical exercise emphasizing the importance of details in securing evidence.
The following forms and guides are available in the “Course Resources” section. Review, download, complete, and upload them as necessary. The Exhibit/Seizure report is fillable,

Begin by reviewing the scenario described below.

2. You have seized the plastic bottle containing a blue liquid. Assume that you have now sealed it in an evidence bag you took from your duty bag.

Upon arrival, you are directed to the master bedroom by paramedic Donna JAMES. She advises you that the individual in the bedroom is deceased. She tentatively identifies him as Leonard STEPHENS.
JAMES advises that EMS had been on scene for 15 minutes prior to your arrival.
On the bed is a male, approximately 40 years of age, lying on his back.
The deceased is fully clothed. There is no obvious cause of death. Next to him on the bed you find a plastic bottle with the lid on.
The bottle contains what appears to be some type of blue liquid residue inside.
The bottle has been seized and placed in an evidence bag. Document the seizure on the bag and on the Exhibit Seizure Report. Ensure that you describe the bottle accurately, using the photos supplied. You place the exhibit in locker #6.
The file (Occurrence) number is 20-003869.

report and the Exhibit label and complete them, using the sample and guide provided, and making what notations you deem necessary.
Note: You may not use all of the information provided in the scenario for this exercise. (This information will be used in assignment 10.1b.)
Scenario Information
You are a general duty constable with Valley Hills Police Service, working Zone B-2, and have been dispatched to the scene of a suspicious “sudden death.” The dispatcher has given the address as 1745 Spruce Street, in Valley Hills, Alberta.
Use today’s date and corresponding times, and use your name as the investigating officer
On the way to the scene, you advise your supervisor Sgt. Neil LUND of your destination.
Upon arrival, you are directed to the master bedroom by paramedic Donna JAMES. She advises you that the individual in the bedroom is Chn hat-Ifni-h.:3h/ irinntifirac him me

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