Assignment 2: Critiquing Research Articles

This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to review professional research literature where multivariate analyses are used.

Review four of the following articles, which are samples of published research:

Bates, L., Luster, T., & Vandenbelt, M. (2003). Factors related to social competence in elementary school among children of adolescent mothers. Social Development, 12(1), 107–124.
Fish, L. A., & Scott, W. F. (2007). Predicting performance of one year MBA students. College Student Journal, 41(3), 507–514.
Lubin, B., & Fiedler, E. R. (1999). Predicting discharge from Airforce basic training by pattern of affect. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 55(1), 71–78.
MeKenry, P. C., Clark, K. A., & Stone, G. (1999). Evaluation of a parent education program for divorcing parents. Family Relations, 48(2), 129–138.
Sharma, A., Levy, M., & Kumar, A. (2000). Knowledge structures and retail sales performance: An empirical examination. Journal of Retailing, 76(1),
For each article review, follow the process of identifying an appropriate statistical test by determining:

The research question(s) or hypothesis(es) being evaluated.
Whether each question and hypothesis is concerned with relationships/predictions, group differences, group membership, or structure (for example, creating scales or factors).
The numbers of IVs and DVs under consideration.
The levels of measurement of each variable.
Whether there are covariates and how many.
The relevant statistical test(s) used in the study.
Set up your responses in a table in Microsoft Word or Excel using content from the bulleted lists above as categories. Name the file R7034_M1_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc or R7034_M1_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.xls and submit it to theSubmissions Area by the due date assigned.

Given a research article, is the student able to answer these questions about the article, and support her/his answers with clear explanations?

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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