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ASSIGNMENT 1: Reflective Essay This is an individual assessment. Students must not collude with each other. Select one of the following topics for your assessment work.

TOPIC 1 Reflect on how a healthcare organisation can optimise both its human capital and its social capital. Explain the impact of an organisation’s human and social capital on an organisation’s sustainability. Please explain in your submission, the reflective learning that has occurred as a consequence of reflecting on your selected topic.


TOPIC 2 Reflect on the mission, vision and/or value statements of a healthcare organisation of your choice and evaluate the nexus between the organisation’s mission, vision and/or values, and patient safety and quality of care. Explain how you would base quality improvement on the organisation’s mission, vision and/or values.


Whichever topic you choose, you will need to access and reference at least six (6) peer reviewed journal articles, as well as textbook/s to help you deepen and expand your reflections for this assessment task.


Word count: 1500 words

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