Assessment T,: Group Presentation

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Assessment 3
Assessment T,: Group Presentation and Report – combined group and individual assessment task.
reTZtnTi:buPass777ts6 d: eru:bu d presentation eftl:r2 y marked. As are delivered this assessment must be done in groups of 3-5 students as advised by your tutor. Students are not perrnitted to refuse being part of a group.
Purpose: This assessment is designed to allow students to research and anal, current social issues in
accounting and evaluate their impact on various stakeholders. students’ team working skills. This assessment relates to learning a1r:uUe”:7.1 further develops assessment,
Value: Total value is 30% made up of 15% group contribution plus 15% individual contribution.
?eCr?e:’cirgr°uPgtefTi’r°iftgter Y°u the time :uTreentatio.Pretrsllbeit=1 Gasses presentedl T°P’c:1etiiYrlaPt”=slnd=dTkaunV:1°ednon-disclosure risk bynanag::lthteprer iogealurpann:ir:pol: corporations.
Task Details: 1. Students must choose an ASX fisted company to research from httos://vAirw au/. 2. Students must seek confirmation of their selection from their lecturer and tutor.

Students are required to demonstrate their understanding of the impact to the sustainability of the corporal. by Covid-19. Students are required to critically analyse the reporting by the corporation (by reference to the general -purpose financial reports and other published material from the corporation and other related sources) of those asks identified by them.
:yarn: Zt:nvtiadtn;=g:tiaorr7. txse:11:la’ti their aanccirrccallITZstilscict=sngnati’mtrnienoarly5 ranZinatIsis° fe te=g11:1.-1„trtVi:rrie:.:rtgcoi:eudains:nZ; rdeeireirac:Pr=ttrei.rtirslautl:gthi:in elements of Za.1 talsndsranktroerici:r:fTo7tretrwgtrtZili’rtPdreeoP:rr:.=nnhtiltinlIsialriLatdhveance rinTiebnetagIP:rvedraulls’ii;lgivieivga71= ;1=stt,CilirnaP;?Z:irec.1 time manage presentations. Videos reminded that extensive use of third-party video materials in their video presentations may increase me risk
Research Requirements: Students need to support their analysis with references from the text and a minimum of ten (10) suitable. reliable. current and academically acceptable sources – check .th your tutor if unsure of the validity of sources. Groups seeking Credit or above grades should support their analysis with increased number of reference sources comparable to the grade they are seeking.
Weekly Progress Report: Iteocttrrrliet:tittieriltlualrelchaweach sktu(wde4sand7. tgor;uPhsaPect their tasks schedule. T. purpose is to ensure students . not leave the tau tie me last minute. •
Submission requirements: rc’uorPiZratpj=i;te ti’letrn=stifib-711el-in’ig:.=:Ire=„T:fieri==a7.„T.liTtae7t. table r,eittrn2narili:eference list (Harvard – Anglia style), attachments if relevant. Single spaced. font Times
Video Presentation: Using the subject material with reference to present their analysis and findings/conclusions in a professional (.11:1(571r1Pli:E=0712r:t111:11 ‘T4::IANZT?”17ETC BUSINESS WC 72 132 629 979 CRIC Approved by KOI Academic Board for Ti 2021
IC:bre:n=1Z ruTeteodg tv7dtentrviirv7tennletePfm1Pnlr:rs=iensgarntr:::’ItZira.:rro7: contract, minutes of meetings or other documents to support individual grading with respect to their Individual contribution to the group work. Self-review and peer review will be conducted after the presentation. Group members will be required to answer questions with respect to the materials in the group presentation session.
Students are required to view and keep a keg for subm.ion of at least 10 videos from the YouTube Channel PTeT7uI7Pr7ur rF’r:ee%www.=ch)rZCTu4GFny=rGl=iaa; ssu:sCre r Please subscribe to the channel and then dick on the bell symbol for notifica0ons as videos are constantly being ,rl:refyour “I Pr”and post comments you haveviewed.
Group Report: 30% Research – extent and application 30% Analysis 20% Recommendations/conclusions 319;;11’niTr’k w?Irbrstcal. to a mark out of 15 subject marks. rGnrzcp,prizentatrrinuArkgroo=r1t.,..t,iizntvz for the team component of the presentation and a to FAr),:eyasricsh – extent and application (0)97′. f,,t,ri3dci:oirn=attions/conclusions Total mark will be scaled to a mark out of 15 subject marks.

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