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Part A — Assessment of Business Sustainability Reporting
In this group task you will work with the same group members as for Assessment 2 – Part A. This task requires your group to consider an ethical dilemma that emerges at a workplace of your choosing. This workplace may be based on one of the companies analysed in Assessment 2 — Part A, another workplace or company with which you are familiar or a fictional workplace developed by your group. As a group, you are required to develop and submit:

A fictional scenario that describes the emergence an ethicaVmoral dilemma for stakeholders in a workplace of your choosing;
A script in which the central character in this scenario applies the Giving Voice to Values framework to the give voice to his/her values: 3. A presentation of your script to the class as a role play_ 1. Scenario Development Develop a fictional scenario that outlines the emergence of an ethical dilemma in a workplace of your choosing. This scenario should be written as a narrative piece of writing, similar in format and style to the GVV/Babson scenarios. Your scenario should describe a possible workplace situation that illustrates the emergence of this dilemma as a values conflict for one or more people. It should introduce the key stakeholders & characters, the key facts and the background information that has led to this issue.
Please discuss your scenario/workplace/ethical dilemma with your lecturer to ensure it is suitable for this task before you proceed with the development of your script.
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