Article analysis and review

An introductory paragraph that provides an overview of the paper and how its goals will be achieved
A brief overview of the study

Methods (dont go into too much detail)

Results summarize the main findings (focus on interpreting the tables and graphs here, but do NOT copy and paste a table or graph into your paper without summarizing the results in your own words)

A discussion of the studys potential impact and importance of the findings
A critical analysis of
Methods what did they do wrong/right?
Interpretation did they over-interpret their findings?
What else needs to be done to address this research topic?

A brief mention of another study, from any journal, that has also attempted to address this topic tie your article together with this study (similarities, differences, which is better, etc.)
Your paper should be 3-4 double-spaced pages in length

MUST use proper APA-style citations throughout AND have an APA-style references page at the end
Use proper APA formatting (title page, Times New Roman size-12 font, etc., 1 margins)

I will attach what i did so far add onto it and i will link the articles you need to use

Article from class is

Sleep deprivation and confession the other article is the comparison article

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