Arguing for a specific change in the law



or policy that you believe would improve society in some way.
Write a persuasive essay in which you argue for a specific change in the law or policy that you believe would improve society in some way. It may be
especially helpful to think about specific problems faced by younger people in today’s society and seeking a
change that would benefit them.
Here are a few of the possible issues that you may choose to write about:
Policing. Argue for a specific, realistic change or set of changes in laws and policies related to policing. Focus
on one change (or maybe two if they are interrelated). Examples of possible changes include: Requiring the
use of body cameras on police officers, removing funding for police programs that use military equipment and
weaponry, changing use of force policies, outlawing the use of pepper spray, tear gas or less-lethal weapons
(tasers, rubber bullets) in crowd control situations unless officers are under threat of substantial physical harm
or death, creating an alternate set of community services provided by unarmed community officers rather than
police officers, etc.


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