AOD and people exPenenem9

Home My courses SPS201 Alcohol and Other Drugs T1-2021 Assessments Assessment 3A (20%h Due in Wee. 8-10
Assessment 3A (20%), Due in Weeks 8-10
Due Dates: Weeks 8-10 Presentation Length: 13-15 minutes Working in groups of 3.4, students are required to complete an oral presentation examining tho key issues relating to AOD work with one of the following groups. • AOD and people with mental health issues • AOD and you.9 P.00.
• AOD and people exPenenem9
The presentation will cover: • the current context of AOD issues with the chosen client grouP • a discussion of dual diagnosis as it relates to the chosen group
• evaluation of their group’s processes and member contribution/collaboration to complete the task
Do NOT utilize sources such as and other such web materials as these in no way b constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sourees for theoretical


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