Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please respond with 100 to 150 words to each question and separate the responses
Question 1: TedTalk Discussion:
How will these designs impact your future career?  What challenges could you face with these changes?

Q2:TedTalk Discussion:
How does trying to be green impact construction?  Share a specific example of going green that could impact you and your current lifestyle.

Q3:Explain how advances in technology have impacted construction.

Q4:TedTalk Discussion:
How will this invention impact industrial distribution?  Share examples of ways this could change your day to day life.

Q5:Explain how advances in technology have impacted industrial distribution.

Q6:TedTalk Discussion:
What would you change about US traffic to improve transportation? Please give specific examples of what you would change and what impact that would have.

Q7:Discussion: advances in public safety
Explain how advances in technology have impacted public safety.

There are two different types of paper so please separate the two but you can put the ref on the same paper but separate them so I know which one which
Research the topic Write a one page paper (double spaced) offering a summary of the research and how you feel this could impact your future career in nursing. Please make sure you CITE YOUR SOURCE(S).
Paper 1:Transportation Infrastructure Internal and External Threats
Paper 2:Technology the Backbone of Industry

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