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Minimum of two posts: one response to BOTH prompts below by Thursday night at 11:59pm and a second post offering a response to any other student by Sunday night at 11:59pm.
Screening Choices: See the watchlist for specific choices and instructions, particularly if you’d like to write about Chernobyl.

PROMPT 1: Identifying Continuity Edits

Watch your chosen film very closely. In a paragraph or a couple of detailed bullet points, post TWO different examples of continuity editing. So, for example, you could write about an eyeline match and crosscutting (there are MANY other options, as you will see in the lecture and chapter). This is an identification prompt, so you need to explain what technique you see how how — across the cuts — the edit or edits are in fact exemplary of the technique under consideration. This is the rare case in which I’m not asking for any big analytical point.just accurate, detailed identifications. Screenshots and/or clips are required: in order to demonstrate editing, you need at least two images (one before and one after the cut) or a video. Click here for that handy guide. Here’s the embedding video walkthrough. And here’s the sandbox, as well. (Chernobyl viewers: you may write about episodes 2, 3, or 4 for editing.)
PROMPT 2: Editing Styles & Meaning Generation

Each of the films in this week’s list qualify as both continuity and discontinuity in format. Big secret: nearly all discontinuity films function only because of the continuity patterns evident beneath. Prompt 1 makes that point very clear. For this prompt, apply the discontinuity portion of Chapter 6 to the film you watched. Your primary goal is to link the film’s discontinuous aspects to specific purposes and patterns evident in the chapter. More broadly, your primary goal should be to answer this question: what does the film’s disorienting or confusing editing convey about the characters or the story? In other words, why tell this story in this manner…why not make things easy and simply go with continuity format?
IMAGES ARE REQUIRED, AS ALWAYS. Note: for continuity editing, you will need at least two (if not more) images — one before and one after the cut.

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