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We do not want to leave these doctrines as good discussion topics and not see how they really impact the life of every believer.  Let us consider how each doctrine flows into and through the life of the believer from the time of their conversion to the point of their going home to be with Christ.

Review the following doctrines as covered in Dispensational Theology by Charles F. Baker.

Anthropology (Man)
Hamartiology (Sin)
Soteriology (Salvation and the Atonement)
Angelology (Angels)
Ecclesiology (Church)
Eschatology (End Times)

Write a 4 page paper on how an individual believer is impacted by each one of the doctrines listed above. The following points must be addressed:
At least one paragraph for each doctrine, including:
A short description of each doctrine, and
an explanation showing how that doctrine impacts the life of every believer.
One full paragraph at the end of the paper that summarizes your own personal growth and appreciation for studying theology.

Supporting Scripture and at least two quality sources are included.
Support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.

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