Answer the questions below regarding the BOI of Production Company and use the template provided here to structure your submission: MGMT-220_Project_Week1_Template.docxPreview the document Business of Interest (BOI)

The business of interest (BOI) to study and explore is a Production Company.

Answer the questions below regarding the BOI  of Production Company and use the template provided here to structure your submission: MGMT-220_Project_Week1_Template.docxPreview the document

  1. Business of Interest (BOI)
    Provide a title for, identify, describe and explain the BOI you have chosen to explore throughout this course.
  2. IS Components
    Using the five-component framework, identify in a listing as many of the items in each component you can. People can be identified by a name and/or by their title. Software and procedures can be identified by name or title, etc. For now, you want to keep this listing as simple as possible. If something needs explanation, add that explanation by way of a footnote.

    HardwareSoftwareDataProceduresPeopleInventory as much hardware as possible.Inventory as much software as possible.Identify as much data as possible.Identify as many business procedures as possible.Identify the people who play with significant roles in the BOI.

  3. Collaboration
    What collaboration do you see happening within the BOI now?

    • Risks and Challenges: Are there any risks and challenges associated with collaboration the BOI is engaged in now?
    • Opportunities for Improvement: Where do you see opportunity to collaborate or to improve collaboration?
    • Proposed Collaboration Tool: Identify a new collaboration tool that might be utilized in your BOI. Explain how the collaboration tool could be used to benefit the BOI’s collaboration efforts. What risks and challenges are associated with the tool identified?

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