Annoyance, Attribution and Attack

a. Briefly research and explain, in your own words, each of these three OCM categories (Annoyance, Attribution and Attack). Your discussion should include explanation of the category, its goal and how it can be accomplished. You may use examples. [15 marks]
Note: Avoid taking materials verbatim from source. Best practice is to read and understand the source and then write or paraphrase in your own words, adding value with respect to context and then referencing the source.
b. Demonstrate the use of the following three OCM tools: ■ Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF) ■ Word Web Bug • Kippo or Cowrie
For each tool, say which category it belongs to, what it is used for, explain how it can be used in a particular case example scenario and then demonstrate its use. For the demonstration, set up and use any two virtual machines (VMs) in which one plays the role of a target and the other plays the role of the attacker. Configure and execute the tool as re VMs, to document and explain the exercise.
Your work MUST provide evidence that you have run the tools yourself, as opposed to having taken images from another source. You must change your terminal prompt to include your J number in the host name — for example, [email protected] and all terminal screenshots must show the command used. You must include an ifconfig screenshot showing your IP address.
[54 marks — 18 marks r_ach]
OCM General a. As a defence measure, you want to set up a system that automatically blocks some inbound communications — that is, a system that will block incoming traffic to your system/network. The two ways of configuring your system are to automatically block communications based on traffic and/or based on IP address. Which option (block communications based on traffic or based on IP address) would you recommend and why? Give specific examples.
[11 marks]


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