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May 16 at 22:51
Unit 4: An analysis of the firm’s internal environment (inside-out perspective)
In this section. several strength and weaknesses of the tata company are presented. Typical strengths of the comp, are; Recognized brand- in the home country, India and in the neighboring countries like Bangladesh and others, TATA is a well-known brand whereby jaguar land Pl.0 is one of the most recognize. brands Diversified portfolios- tata has a well-diversified portfolio of products. Stabilization in the sales and profits in the tata company is brought by the well diversified portfolio of vehicles. This way, investors who are interested in investing in the company gains more confidence (Safaranl et al., 2012). Stabilized earning- the company has been eaming stabilized protit. The tata good managing policy can only be noticed while acquiring new compani. since it only purchases the companies having the same system of management with theirs.
Several weaknesses of the tata motors are. Global presence- the automobile company, tata motors is unlimited to the local maneet. There will be a strong barrier to the growth of the company if it is limited to a specific arca since other foreign compani. might enter the same market The company has not yet penetrated in various international markets till now meaning that it has remained silent in achieving global market shares. Narrow domestic market- Mitt company has developed its busine. in the local market because it didn’t enter into too many global markets. Local market is not enough for a company like tata company.

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