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Amazon SWOT Analysis Assignment Task Solutions

Amazon Case Study: SWOT Analysis Assignment Task

Assignment Detail:-

  • Words: 2500

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Amazon SWOT Analysis

Check the content of every class (of course!)

– Review the Amazon.com 2019 case thoroughly and focus on identifying key managerial data, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Everything comes out of a SWOT, remember! Consider how these factors relate to the management (PODC) process.

– Reflect on Amazon Go stores as a possibility (or not) in the Arab world. Remember our discussions: culture, culture, culture.

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What are the 3 main characteristics that make management in the Arab world distinct, and differing from Western management?

– Pay attention to the questions mentioned in the case.

– Reflect on different strategies that any company could employ to avoid being broken up by a government.

– Review relevant topics from the course: PODC process, SWOT analysis, international business expansion, values, language relevance, adapting to local culture, government regulations, etc.

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