Airport Design with Diagram

(Note: This is an assignment and order for someone that is familiar with aviation, airport design and knows how airports are functioning. )

In this course, you will be studying airport design. This includes airside and landside operations. You have been designated by the FAA to come up with a plan for the development of your own airport (significant commercial airport of a medium or large hub). This will include runways, corresponding taxiways, and new traffic that will be in your metropolitan area.

You will prepare a research paper which will include a diagram of your airport design. Your report should include a minimum of 10 pages of written content (not including the reference page) and up to an additional 10 pages of supporting tables, charts, graphs, etc.

Please paraphrase, cite, and reference to reduce the similarity factor to 20% or less.

I have attached an example document showing how the paper should look and shows the work of the first couple pages. Also, there is an attached document like a written slideshow presentation telling what should be done in each part of the paper. Lastly there is a rubric for the grading of the paper.

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