Age discrimination

You have been assigned an opinion below. Read the opinion and answer the following questions thoroughly. Focus primarily on the age discrimination aspects of the case and much less on the procedural elements, such as summary judgment. You MUST use your own words. You may not cut and paste from the opinion. As such, you must be sure that you understand the opinion. If I can answer questions, please let me know.

  1. What are the facts of the case? What transpired to bring the plaintiff to court?
  2. What was the specific question before the court? In each of these cases, the court considers the overall application of the ADEA but more specifically, they focus on one or two specific aspects. Your answer should highlight those specifics.
  3. What did the court decide?
  4. What was the court’s reasoning? The court will explain the bases for its’ decision. You must discuss the court’s analysis.

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