A PowerPoint presentation about COVID19



Create a PowerPoint presentation about COVID19. Your report should not be all text; it should have pictures to illustrate each point on each slide. Things that must be included in your presentation:
Name of virus and disease it causes.
What group of viruses does COVID belong to? What does it look like (i.e. is it an RNA virus? What structures does the virus have? Is it enveloped?
How is the disease spread? • What are the disease symptoms?
What is the mortality rate?
What do we know about how this virus infects humans?
What is interesting or different about this disease?
Disease prevalence worldwide. Specifically, which countries are affected by the disease?
What are effective treatments? Is there a vaccine? Drugs?
What is the best way to avoid the disease?
Who is most at risk?
How has quarantine measures helped reduce the spread of the virus?


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