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5HR01: Explain the concept of better working lives and how this can be designed: Employment Relationship Management Assignment, CIPD, UK

  1. Explain the concept of better working lives and how this can be designed.

In your answer, you must include the concept of good work, fair and decent work, and how to design good work so that it promotes good physical and mental health.

You must discuss employee involvement and participation and give examples of each in relation to decision making and motivation.

2. DiscussEmployee Engagement and Employee voice.

In your answer, you must address the dimensions of engagement, the drivers of engagement, the use of engagement tools, and the risks attached to over-engagement. You must also examine Employee voice tools, and approaches to drive Employee engagement and comment on the interrelationships between Employee Voice and organisational performance.

3. Explain the difference between organizational conflict and misbehavior at work and between official and unofficial industrial action. Discuss emerging trends in the types of conflict and industrial sanctions.

In your answer, you must define Conflict and Misbehaviour and examine the potential sources of each in the workplace, give examples of official and unofficial industrial action and discuss industrial sanctions making reference to the Industrial Relations Act 1990.

4. Evaluate the role of third-party conciliation, mediation, and arbitration in managing conflict situations to achieve consensus legally and ethically.

In your answer, you must clearly set out the role of each and how they help to resolve disputes that arise at an individual and collective level.

You must also address the roles of the Workplace Relations Commission and the Labour Court in matters of conflict resolution in Ireland.

5. Explain what is required to advise, coach, and guide managers in the skills to handle grievances or disputes at work.

In your answer, you must explain what grievances are and the likely causes of grievances at work. Explain disciplinary procedures and the main steps,  you will need to address legislation in particular unfair dismissal laws and practices. You must outline the key skills required to handle grievance and disciplinary procedures and the importance of handling both effectively to avoid legal claims, reputational of the organization, and other impacts on teams and individuals at work

6. Discuss the role of employee bodies in employment relations.

In your answer make reference to statutory recognition procedures, disclosure of information for collective bargaining, and legal enforceability of collective agreements. Discuss collective bargaining and how it works including all forms of industrial action to achieve bargaining aims.

Consider the role of non-union bodies in employee representation and compare these to unions.

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