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5 Places you must visit in Busan, South Korea

Write 2 articles

1st Topic: 5 Places you must visit in Busan, South Korea

2nd topic: Korean language: various tips and resources to learn

Deadline: 10th October 2023 12:00 AM


The articles submitted should be Original, Non-Plagiarised Content written in your own words. We do not accept articles that have content matching with other websites, your own previous writings published elsewhere, or information blatantly copied from elsewhere. The editors check for plagiarism thoroughly and reserve the right to not publish any submitted article if it is found plagiarized from anywhere, even if it is your own previous written work. Apart from that, we also do not accept AI-generated articles or content generated using any form of AI tools such as Chat GPT. Any article submitted with such elements will also not qualify for publishing. 

You are allowed to research and gather information from various authentic and credible sources (DO NOT take information from or cite for your reference from these websites: Wikipedia, Koreaboo, Dispatch, PinkVilla, and other purely entertainment-based media websites or self-published informal blogs). 

Word Count Range for Articles: Minimum 600-800 words, Maximum 1000-1200 words.

Article Structure is given below

Meta Description: First, you will start with a meta description of your article in 1-2 lines that can be considered as a ‘hook’ to your article. Consider them as the first two lines of the articles based on which readers can decide why they should read your article. It could be a quote, an interesting point made in your article, an intriguing question, or a brief description of what your article is about in no more than 2 lines.

Introduction Paragraph (100-150 words): Introduce your topic broadly and briefly. Highlight its significance, and what the readers will get to know from this article. Make sure the introduction paragraph discusses your topic enough for the reader to understand what you’re going to talk about further in your article.

Segregate your article into multiple paragraphs, with each paragraph with its own sub-headings/themes. A good article will be considered with at least 3-4 paragraphs of 100-150 words each talking about the specific theme or subheadings you have mentioned related to or covering your topic. If you have more to talk about you can further bifurcate your article into 5-6 paragraphs. You can also have multiple paragraphs under specific themes or sub-headings from your article as long as it adheres to the word count limit.

Concluding Remarks: Every article should be accompanied by a concluding remark, a personal verdict of your own about the topic nicely summarising your article. You don’t have to necessarily reiterate your whole article again with what you have written, but more like a takeaway or wrap-up to your article which brings the readers toward their own conclusion.

Key Words: You will provide a list of 9-10 keywords from your articles at the end of your document. This could be the main points, and main words from your article to make your article SEO-friendly and easily searchable on Google. These keywords have to be the words or specific themes you have already mentioned in the article. 

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